Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Today's Homework (7/2/12)

1) Wolfram Alpha Software - determine the answers for Pg 1-8 of the Surds & Indices Notes

2) Do Up Pg 9 of the Same Set of Notes (except for Tier C - do both Tiers A and B)

3) Do Up Worksheet A01-a for the Summative Exercises. This and the 2 above is by tomorrow.

4) Do Up the Package for the Chinese Performance Task (interview questions by today)

5) Chinese Wb Activity 3 is supposed to be done by tomorrow. Also, please learn spelling.

6) English Final Narrative Essay is supposed to be done by this Thursday (9/2/12)

7) English Graphic Organiser is supposed to be done by this Friday (10/2/12) - next lesson.

8) Physics Wb Corrections and Practice Worksheet to be done by Thursday (9/2/12).

9) Physics Wb Activities 3A, 3B and 3C to be done by latest Friday (10/2/12).

10) Reminder to Do Chinese Letter Writing and Chemistry Pre-Test on Atomic Structure.

11) Social Studies Performance Task to be done by 1 March, 2pm. Geography PT is due Wk 9.

If I had missed out any of the homework, please kindly put it down in the comments.

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